SID Project

What is Assistive technology?

Technology is everywhere these days. But did you know that there are specific tech tools that can help people who learn and think differently? Assistive Technology refers to tools or devices designed to help people with learning difficulties, overcome barriers, perform better and encourages them to become more independent and self-reliant.


Imagine if you struggle to read then you find something that reads out to you!!

Imagine if you struggle with spelling and typing then you find something that will spell and type what you say!!

That is assistive technology – and that’s what we do at the SID Project!


There is Government support to access Assistive Technology in the workplace ... but there is also a whole range of free tools available across media platforms.

Examples of the free tool we share are below... 


Text to speech – removes barriers of reading and processing written information



Speech to text – removes barriers with spelling and typing



If you experience visual stress and use a colour overlay when reading...this will change the colour of your computer screen and even help you with tracking!