SID Project


The SID project is a charity run by coordinator Joanne Youngson. The project was founded in the city of Sunderland in 2015, but has grown in recent years to include a hub in Nottingham.

SID is a ground-breaking project created to tackle the issue of social exclusion because of dyslexia by:

  • Breaking the generational cycle of failure and deprivation, which can be perpetuated in families affected by unaddressed dyslexia
  • Training professionals working with socially excluded groups so that they can identify the issues and present information in an accessible way
  • Helping dyslexic adults develop the confidence to tackle and overcome their difficulties, promoting the uptake of literacy, skills and employment



 In particular, the SID Project will address the following key questions:

  • What motivates socially excluded people to engage with literacy initiatives? What’s in it for them?
  • What methods and approaches work in exciting interest and in developing the skills and confidence of service users?
  • What should every provider of services to socially excluded people aim to provide to help them improve their literacy?



Why SID?

All trustees, staff and volunteers working for SID are dyslexic, and have experienced the effects that social exclusion has on individuals and the wider community. Our strategy and methods were developed directly as a result of our experiences. We know firsthand the empowering effect these strategies have had on us, and set out to begin helping others in the community who have experienced the same things.

SID promote personal disability confidence and awareness (becoming aware of one’s own barriers and strengths), enabling and empowering individuals to understand their own disability. Giving people the ability and confidence to communicate what support they need is what makes SID unique, something of which we’re extremely proud.

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Social Inclusion for Dyslexia,
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